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Occasional prompts for your personal relationships

Tend to Friends

Communication has never been easier, yet many of us still struggle to stay close with people who aren’t in our daily lives. Personal relationships, like plants, need regular and quality attention to grow.

Personal over Public

Social media keeps us constantly connected, but it doesn't always help us feel close. Meaningful personal connections rarely develop through likes, views, or public feeds.

Sharing Brings Us Closer

Personal conversations bring us closer together. We believe that these are the most meaningful types of interactions and that each connection is unique in terms of how and what we share. With this in mind, Tandem helps you stay in touch with the people that matter at a pace that makes sense.

How it works

Sign up and invite a friend or family member. Every few months, we’ll email you both with a prompt encouraging you to share a story, thought, or perspective with one another. The two of you can take it from there.

"What was the best purchase you made recently?"

"What is your idea of a perfect summer day?"

"What have you learned recently that most people probably don't know?"

"What was a good purchase you made recently?"

"What bothers you more than it should?"

"What’d you get away with recently?"

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